Web 2.0 in Government 2009 and Dominic Campbell from FutureGov

The event Website for the Web 2.0 in Government 2009 conference I mentioned the other day has been updated with more details about the program of speakers.

There is one slight change that I know isn’t reflected on the event site just yet – and that is I’m pleased (actually, more than pleased, I’m excited) to announce that my videoconference question and answer session will be with… drum roll… Dominic Campbell from FutureGov.

But who is Dom exactly and why should you be excited too?

He is a digital government and social innovation entrepreneur, associated with social start-up, Enabled by Design. He formed the FutureGov Consultancy in early 2008 to focus on communications and engagement in government the use of technology and new media in driving improvement in local government.

Dominic and Headshift have worked together on a number of projects and initiatives (such as with Barnett Council and as a participant of the UK’s Social Innovation Camp). Here’s a quick clip of Dom from the first of FutureGov’s GovWeb Wish List meet ups in the UK:

In the Q&A session we’re planning with Dom, my aim is to help spread some of our collective Government 2.0 experiences from the UK to Australia. Hopefully, this will play a part in accelerating the evolution of Government 2.0 in Australia by demonstrating what is possible.

If you want to suggest a question for Dom that you would like to see covered in my Q&A session, feel free to add it as a comment below.