Evaluating social computing options? Some local knowledge can help

Other than Atlassian (who started in Australia and happen to have an office in Sydney), many of the newer enterprise social computing vendors don’t actually have a local presence in our part of the world. So does this mean you are stuck with talking to an overseas office if you want to ask some questions or simply get a demo?

Don’t worry – you can simply come and talk to us instead 😉

You might be surprised to know that as well developing custom code for client projects and using other open source software, we also work with fully commercial and commercial open source products too. Sometimes we develop custom solutions based on these products, and at other times we provide other types of strategic and organisational consulting services for these products if they are being managed in-house.

Some of leading products we work with include IBM Connections, Microsoft Sharepoint, Attensa, Confluence, Movable Type, Newsgator, WordPress, Socialtext, Jive Clearspace. Because many of these vendor move quickly, we are constantly experimenting and talking with them so we can understand their capabilities. We are also constantly evaluating new and emerging solutions, like Elgg.

For example, Jon Mell in our UK office and I frequently swap notes about the enterprise social computing space and over on the original Headshift blog, Jon’s most recent blog post provides an update on how Social Text’s Signals product is developing. I’ve been playing with Social Text myself this week, as I’m particularly interested in their desktop tool. However, Headshift also recently upgraded its own Confluence wiki and it has a whole set of new and exciting features too.

At Headshift we apply a user experience driven approach to designing social solutions, but we do also appreciate that enterprise customers often want to evaluate solutions from a commercial (e.g. what kind of support will we get) and architectural (e.g. how will it fit with current systems) perspective.

As Jon mentions in his post, please get in touch if you would like to know more about any of the products we work with. We can:

  • Demonstrate these solutions (or even help with a quick, low cost pilot);
  • Share our experiences of using them to build social computing solution for clients; and
  • Talk about options for integration and hosting in your IT environment.