More on social networking and the legal profession

The New Lawyer has provided a bit of a taste of some of the findings in our recent Social Networking for the Legal Profession report, which was written by Lee Bryant and Penny Edwards at Headshift and published by Ark Group.

If you are looking to explore more around this topic, but haven’t yet grabbed a copy of the report there are some great posts from Lee and Penny touching on social networking and other social computing for the legal profession specifically.

First, I suggest you start with Lee’s presentation from Legaltech New York in February this year – you can see his slides and read his notes on Five Things Every Legal Practice Should Know About Web 2.0. I love this quote from Lee’s slides – aimed squarely at “conservative lawyers” worried about social networking:

“Social tools are not all about personal blogs, throwing sheep or sharing what you had for lunch”

Next read Penny’s series of posts:

Of course, if you prefer please feel free to get in touch with either Anne Barlett-Bragg or myself if you would like to know more social networking and the legal projects Headshift have been part of.