Upgrading Democracy in Australia – Reboot needed

The Centre for Policy Development is an independent Australian public interest think tank. Lee Bryant and I were invited to submit an article for the latest edition of their Insight Magazine, which became available online today. The theme for this edition is:

the brave new world of open government, open access to government information, collaborative policy development, democratic renewal and all the amazing initiatives conjured up by the idea of Government 2.0.

It includes contributions from a range of politicians, academics, activists, and even a few consultants like us! Our piece, Rebooting Australia, was based on Lee’s column for Reboot Britain, but rewritten to address the Australian context for Government 2.0:

Lee Bryant and James Dellow, of Europe’s leading social technology consultancy, Headshift, propose the application of some 21st century solutions to Australia’s problems – use government spending to seed innovation; harness people power for rapid, iterative improvements to policies and services; and, of course, open up access to government data.

This edition of Insight also formed a submission to the Government 2.0 Task Force, so it was great to be part of that process too.