Engaging the Community Using Social Media

I had the honour of presenting a Vital Issues Seminar today on Engaging the Community Using Social Media for the Parliamentary Library, at Australia’s Parliament House. In between interruptions by the bells, Sen. Kate Lundy chaired the meeting and even managed to throw me some curly questions to deal with.

Feel free to browse through my slides above, but you will also find both a copy of my slides and also a sound recording of my presentation on the Parliament’s Website.
My intent was to challenge some of the assumptions about engaging online with social media that have their roots in a social media marketing view. It also gave me the chance to talk again about the Online Engagement Guidelines that we created for the Government 2.0 Taskforce.
Near the end of my presentation I also talked about the importance of being social inside, in order to be social on the outside. If you want to explore this point a little further, I really recommend you listen to the recording of Lee Bryant’s presentation about this challenge.