Kate Carruthers joins Headshift team in Sydney

I’m delighted to announce that Kate Carruthers has joined our Headshift Australasia team in Sydney from Monday 19th July, 2010.

Kate is highly regarded as a thought leader in all aspects of social business design and brings a diverse range of experience. In her role as a Senior Social Business Consultant, Kate will be exploring new opportunities as we look to expand our reach in this region.

Rather than ramble on, I thought it would be great to add a few words from Kate:

ABB: Why are you joining Headshift Australasia?
KC: I’m joining Headshift Australasia because one of my passions is helping businesses to adopt and deliver social computing to break down barriers both inside and outside organisations. 

ABB: What directions do you see for the future of business and technology?
KC: We need to find ways to truly recognise the fact that people power businesses and that means social business design is critical.  Many companies have optimised huge swathes of their business, using technology to streamline processes. But the segment of our businesses that have not caught up yet is the people side.
And that’s where social business design comes in.

ABB: What excites you most about the potential of social computing?
KC:  I’ve been fascinated by social computing for many years now.  The thing that social computing does is empower non-technically trained people to use technology. It creates amazing opportunities for collaboration across borders and organisational boundaries.

ABB: Thanks Kate – and welcome to Team HOZ (Headshift Australasia)!

(Kate’s LinkedIn profile is here: http://au.linkedin.com/in/katecarruthers)