Kate Carruthers on ABC Radio National’s Future Tense – technology hype and the FUD factor

Do you remember where you were during the lead up to Y2K?

Kate Carruthers, who joined the Headshift team here in Australia earlier in the year, was recently part of a panel on ABC Radio National’s Future Tense program that looked back at this period with the benefit of hindsight:

In the second instalment of our irregular series ‘Getting it Wrong?’ we go back to the end of the last millenium and examine the Y2K bug predictions. All hype? Or was there really something in it?

Kate points out that the IT profession was very good at communicating the risks of Y2K to senior management, but we overlooked the productivity benefits that also came with it. I do wonder what we could achieve if the IT profession were as good as communicating benefits, as they are the risks. Sound familiar?
Then again, perhaps FUD is just easier?
PS Look out for the jokes about Y2K consultants becoming social media gurus and the impending Y10K bug…