My observations from the sidelines: Gov 2.0 Conference

I’ve heard some mixed feedback about the recent CeBIT Government 2.0 conference, which was held in Canberra at the beginning of the month. I think part of the problem continues to be the gap between the engaged (some of whom are also more than quite immersed) and those still exploring the topic. This can create tension and misunderstanding, so a conference might not always be the best place for learning conversations to take place (an alternative approach being something like our Head Start or Social Innovation Lab process).
However, CeBIT have kindly gathered presenters slides together. There is some good material there and these are my (content rich) favourites from the stack:
From the twitter back channel, I understand the mention by AGIMO of them planning an ‘unconference’ apparently created some excitement. The level of open participation in getting the AGIMO unconference up and running will probably be a good metric of the overall progress made since the Taskforce finished its work. And I think if spent correctly, with some help from the broader Gov 2.0 community, AGIMO should still have a lot of change from the $1 million provided by Microsoft to invest in other initiatives.
BTW We are running a short session on Social Business Design here in Sydney on the 23rd November. This isn’t a Gov 2.0 specific event, but for those not based in Canberra its a good opportunity to mingle with other organisational innovators across a range of sectors – you might be surprised at how much private enterprise and government have in common when it comes to social media, social networking and internal collaboration!