Queensland flood victims crisis site

Below is a press release highlighting an amazing effort from a group of volunteers to provide support to Queensland flood victims. Many in the dev team have had the power cut and no internet connectivity – leaving the team in Sydney doing what we can to keep the site updated.
If you can help out at all, we’d appreciate any efforts:
ideas, content curation, Drupal developers, or just let people know about the site !

Press release:
Billet Community Site Launches to Assist QLD Flood Victims with Crisis Accommodation
 Australian web developers pool resources to connect community
Sydney, Australia, 12 January 2010 – Australian web developers have today pooled their skills and resources to develop an online website to support communities affected by the Queensland floods.
The website http://www.qldfloods.org not only combines all the current resources available across a number of sites but will also act as a billet register where people who are in a dry safe location with room available can offer beds to those who have been evacuated and cannot return home.
Tim Miller, Business Manager at IT Integrity who is helping co-ordinate the volunteer efforts said, “Australian’s are wanting to do everything they can to help those affected in Queensland, and while the donations will go a long way, there are people who have lost their homes and need a bed today. There are Australians who want to open their homes to these people, and this site will connect the two.”
This site will act as a community hub, which will also provide up to date on the ground user information as well as local council and SES updates, prioritising material as necessary.
“Council sites, and all volunteer organisations are providing excellent updates to local communities via the internet, however this involves going to a number of sites to ensure you are up to date and sifting through a lot of information, this hub has all the information in the one place so that communities are informed as it happens on the ground” said Miller.
Contributions are being made by Drupal Developers, IT Integrity, Cross Functional and Headshift Australia.
For further information please contact Felicity Threadgate at Espresso Communications on 9904 4177 or felicity@espressocomms.com.au