The Economist’s ‘Pocket World in Figures’ app

XPLANE | Dachis Group and The Economist teamed up to create the “World in Figures” application for iPhone. Based on The Economist’s popular book, Pocket World in Figures, the application provides a unique, visual way to discover and display global data so that it’s compelling, understandable and easy to use. Here’s a quick video overview of the project.

XPLANE was challenged to create an application that was more than just a “page turning” tool. “The process definitely challenged our designers, making us consider new ways to enhance functionality around how data was being presented, while also fostering intuitive interaction between the user and the application,” said Parker Lee, executive vice president, global account services, Dachis Group. “The end result really does put a new face on information.”

You can download the “World in Figures” iPhone app from the iTunes store today. The iPad version is in development.

Originally posted on the XPLANE | Dachis Group blog.