Did you know about our success in the legal and professional services sector?

Did you know that over years Headshift | Dachis Group have been involved with a number of innovative and award winning projects for the legal and professional services sector?

For example:

  • We helped Reynolds Porter Chamberlain (RPC) to derive greater business benefits from its intranet along with its other content and information repositories.
  • We are working with a global accounting firm to enhance client engagement, improve workforce collaboration and optimise internal processes.
  • We provided advice to an international law firm to help them share and access knowledge across different parts of their global practice.
  • We designed a collaboration platform for Dewey & LeBoeuf that integrated social media tools such as blogs, wikis, social bookmarking and RSS feeds, with the aim of improving the general flow and sharing of information.
  • We worked with Allen & Overy to improve knowledge and expertise sharing within the firm, allowing easy participation and content contribution from users across multiple global locations.

You can read all our professional services case studies here.

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