Facebook is changing – is your company’s page ready?

Earlier this month Facebook announced some major changes including Timeline For Brands and Reach Generator, Premium, and Offers.

The major changes that will influence your brand page is the Timeline:

  • Storytelling: the Timeline now places a heavy emphasis on the art of storytelling. Take a look at your page – what story are you telling about your brand?
  • Tabs: no longer appear on the left-hand side of your page. Take a look, they’re under your brand banner now  – you need to think about how you want these to appear.
  • “Pinning”: brands can now “pin” certain posts or content and designate them as a featured news item for 7 days – making sure they are prominently displayed.
  • Banner image: While the “cover photo” acts as a brand’s social media billboard – but there are rules to abide by, are you aware of the limitations?

The Timeline changes have essentially leveled the field by allowing organizations to refine their image and reveal a more human and approachable side – however, without careful planning and content your brand page may not be ready for these changes.

RedBull Timeline – the perfect example

RedBull Timeline has been identified as an exemplar for the use of the new changes – take a look at this article to understand how they have leveraged the power of the Timeline.

Note: The RedBull Facebook page has been produced and managed by our colleagues at Archrival | Dachis Group since day 1 – demonstrating the value of a cohesive strategy to using Facebook as valuable brand marketing approach.

Four Must-Do Updates for your Facebook page

Slideshare: We’ve prepared this quick guide for you to review your Facebook page – can you answer all the questions?

Are you ready for 30th March?

Need more help or advice?

Dachis Group are the largest group of Facebook Preferred Developers in the world – we can review your brand page, offer advice or help you re-design your story.

Send an email to: facebook.help@headshift.com.au with a link to your Facebook page and your questions and we’ll get straight back to you. Or call +61 2 8218 2128 if you’d like to talk to someone.