This Social Business (in pictures!)

Like many of the zeitgeist of management and technology concepts floating around these days, it can be hard to pin down what they actually mean and perhaps more importantly, if they have any relevance. The concept of Social Business and the art of Social Business Design is no different in this respect. Some people don’t like the phrase in itself, although I find that the root cause is typically a misunderstanding or assumption of how the word ‘social’ is being applied. While ‘social’ in this context does have origins in ‘social media’, it is more about the application of 21st Century thinking that these technologies support and has been described in books like Here Comes Everybody and The Cluetrain Manifesto (to mention just a couple of defining examples).

Probably the biggest challenge in understanding Social Business in this context isn’t the debate about the meaning of the phrase, but rather that it requires a holistic view point. It is neither just about running a Facebook campaign to get more likes or designing a social intranet without a purpose.

Hmm. Maybe this isn’t clear enough? Sometimes a picture is better…

As you can imagine, there are many aspects to Social Business:

Finally, how do you organise for Social Business?

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