Social Business by Design and The Connected Company Book Launches

Social Business By Design

Social Business by Design book coverSocial Business By Design is the definitive management book on how to rethink the modern organization in the social media era.

Based on their research and work through the Dachis Group, thought leaders Dion Hinchcliffe and Peter Kim deftly explore how the social, cultural, and technological trends provoked by the social media explosion are transforming the business environment.

Designed as both a strategic overview and a hands-on resource, Social Business By Design clearly shows how to choose and implement a social business strategy and maximize its impact.

Dion Hinchcliffe will be in Australia to launch the new book in May. In addition to a number of events, Dion will be conducting two half day workshops in Sydney on May 17th:

This will be the only time these transformative and highly engaging workshops will be available in Australia this year. Don’t miss this one-time opportunity to get the latest IT and business strategy direct from a top industry leader!

The Connected Company

To keep pace with today’s connected customers, companies must become connected themselves. That means redesigning the way work is done, how performance is rewarded, and how you measure success. It requires a new way of thinking about companies, less like machines, to be controlled, and more like complex, dynamic, growing systems, that learn and adapt over time.

Connected companies have an advantage over competitors, because they learn faster and move faster. While others analyze risk, they seize opportunities. While others work in isolation, they link into rich networks of possibility and expand their influence. While others cut costs and lay off workers, they hire and expand. While others plan, they act.

The connected company is not a theory or an idea. The future of work is already here. Connected companies are growing in number, aggressively acquiring customers and disrupting the competition. In The Connected CompanyDave Gray examines what they are doing, why they are doing it, and how it works. We show you how you can use the same principles to organize your company for the complex, networked, rapidly-changing global marketplace of the 21stCentury.