The Art of Collaboration at the Atlassian Summit

I’ll be attending the Atlassian Summit next week in San Francisco, presenting as part of the Art of Collaboration track – my presentation is titled, Kick-Ass Collaboration Everywhere with Confluence:

We all know that Confluence is a world-class enterprise wiki, right? So it may be hard to believe but for non-technical users the power of the Confluence platform isn’t always immediately obvious. This means Confluence can be wildly successful with the IT users in your organization but never reaches further than those technical folks who “just get it”. James will share tips and techniques to help create kick-ass collaboration EVERYWHERE in your organization with Confluence.

The Art of Collaboration track is intended for Confluence admins and wiki champions, covering:

  • Adoption tips and tricks;
  • Taking Confluence beyond the technical team;
  • Documentation as a form of communication; and
  • How the Confluence team uses Confluence.

If you are attending the Summit, please make sure you come and find me to say hello. If you can’t make the conference but are looking for assistance with implementing Atlassian Confluence (or any other kind of enterprise social software for that matter), please get in touch.