Understanding time, place and context for mobile computing in the enterprise

Last week I shared a diagram that explained the four critical success factors for enterprise mobile app design. One of the issues that this particular model emphasises is the importance of understanding the different situations where an employee or business partner might need or want to use your mobile app. This includes the different physical environments where people work and also how use of the mobile is situated with other users.

Focusing on this situated aspect of mobile app design, this diagram shows the different situations (time, place, context) where a hypothetical knowledge worker might use their mobile device and different apps.

This mobile ‘situational map’ is just an example and is not intended to capture the detail found in a user journey (a user-centred design tool) or touch-point map (used in service design). Instead, situational maps like this are intended to help mobile app designers explore possible scenarios and could be used when co-creating solutions with staff. Remember that different people doing the same job may use a mobile device differently in the same situation, depending on a range of factors – so situational maps must be refined into specific journeys.

This diagram is from our forth coming report, Designing Mobile Apps: A Roadmap for Businesses, and is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. This diagram is also available for download from SlideShare.

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