Mobility squared – innovation based on mobile device capabilities

This is another diagram from our enterprise mobile apps report, produced by Ark Group.

Smartphones and tablets offer opportunities for designing innovative solutions that go far beyond simply creating a form fitted version of a desktop app. To do this you need to combine an understanding of situated use with knowledge of what a mobile device is capable of doing.

These capabilities are divided into seven groups, with a special mention of screen orientation and dimensions. Email, mobile intranet and access to files is useful as a base line for business users, but these applications barely scrape the surface of the capabilities business users can access through their device. These attributes – particularly hardware and user interfaces –  can also create constraints too, which mobile app designers must also be aware of.

This diagram is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license and is also available for download from SlidesShare. It is one of a series we have been sharing in recent weeks:

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