Introduction to Visual Thinking

In November, we’re excited to be introducing visual thinking webinars in conjunction with our partners, XPLANE.

If you’re not familiar with the methods and outputs of visual thinking, you must join these webinars to learn more. If you’ve heard about visual thinking, but want to discover how these methods can drive sustainable change processes in your organisation, then you must join these sessions as well!

These webinars will just be the beginning of our expanded offering in this field, as we partner with XPLANE and bring the power of visual thinking to the APAC region. Take a look at some of our previous work with XPLANE.

Introduction to Visual Thinking Part 1:

A Powerful Method to Boost Business Results.
Webinar: Wed 21 November
12pm – 1pm AEDT (Sydney time)

Visual thinking is a methodology that uses diagrams representing ideas, concepts, process flows and relationships to stimulate innovation, creativity and collaboration. In this webinar, we introduce a basic toolkit to help unlock creativity through visual thinking frameworks and tools. We’ll also share case studies of how we applied visual thinking to solve a broad range of business problems, including change management, customer service, product, and user experience design, for Fortune 1000 and smaller organizations.

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Introduction to Visual Thinking Part 2:

Using design thinking for driving change program results
Webinar: Wed 5 December
12pm – 1pm AEDT (Sydney time)

This session will focus on sharing case study examples and using interactive visual thinking methods to respond to questions and clarify how visual thinking could be one of the most powerful strategies you introduce to your organisation to drive change.
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