Social Business in the Year of the Snake

Snake2013Gong Xi Fa Cai

This week heralded the arrival of the Chinese Year of the Snake, which is expected to create many changes and challenges – from climatic to political – in 2013.

What does the Year of the Snake look like from a social business perspective?
We’ve applied the FengShui predictions to the Social Business context and have determined some valuable guidelines for social strategies.

This is a year to contemplate, plan ahead and strategise. It’s time to consider how your social strategies integrate with the overall business objectives. It will be a year to pay attention to detail and carefully plan your actions.

It will also be a year to focus on the detail of implementation and adoption – what strategies have you designed to ensure you have considered the impact and value to your users?

The Year of the Snake is not a year for ad hoc initiatves, or isolated attempts at social media campaigns.
If you’re using social media for customer engagement, it will be a year to be aware of miscommunications! The Snake is renowned for causing conflict and misunderstandings – plan your crisis management and risk mitigation strategies and be prepared for the unexpected!

The impact of the Snake in 2013 aligns to our thinking here at the Ripple Effect Group – organisations are maturing in their approach to using social – it is no longer enough to be an isolated activity within a single department. It is time to consider how social can be integrated into every aspect of your business.

Our final tips for Year of the Snake:

  • avoid unnecessary risks
  • act with insight based on informed decisions – not on impulse.
  • and proceed with care!