Social intranets in the Asia-Pacific region: Focus on Singapore

While access might still be unevenly spread, the World Wide Web and Social media are a global phenomenon. Even notable exceptions like North Korea recently started to allow western visitors to access the Internet using mobile wireless. If you have read my CMSWire article, A Brief History of Social Intranets, you will also know that enterprise social software grew along side the Web. This means that we should expect to find enterprise social software in other places around the world, not just the US or Australia.

At Ripple Effect Group our primary focus is on the Asia Pacfic region, particularly Australia and countries such as New Zealand, the Philippines and Singapore. According to IDC:

“[There is] broad acceptance of the benefits of enterprise social in the workplace” [but] “Security, compliance, governance and lack of control are cited as the most important inhibitors”.

Because this is a big region, both in terms of culture and population, I’m going to focus my attention on Singapore. IDC tell us that in Singapore:

  • 52% have one in place already
  • 23% plan to adopt in the next 18 months

As well as this data, there are also some great examples of companies in Singapore implementing social intranets and enterprise social networks:

International Enterprise Singapore: IEX

At the beginning of the year, International Enterprise Singapore’s IEX social intranet won the IBF’s ‘My Beautiful Intranet (Goes Social)’ competition.

IEX Home Page

Read more on the IBF site.


In their 2012 annual report, Singtel explain how they introduced their enterprise social network, called ESPRESSO, in 2011 to provide a platform where staff could “engage with each other and share ideas”.

Singtel have also provided staff with mobile access to ESPRESSO:

“This provides a secure access for staff to be updated with events, leaders’ blogs, announcements and company news with the option for giving comments and ‘liking’ the contents while on the go.”

PwC Singapore: Spark

PwC’s social intranet is a global initiative, based on Jive, but I did enjoy how the local Sinagpore firm used a flash mob to put its local stamp on it when they launched:

PwC Singapore Spark

You can watch the video on Facebook.

We know this is just the tip of the iceberg in Singapore. Do you have a social intranet or enterprise social network case study from our region to share? We would love to hear your story – please contact us.