The future of organisational learning

AHRI Learning and Development network forum

Sydney, 26 March 2013

Join Anne Bartlett-Bragg at the AHRI Learning & Development Network forum where she will discuss the future of organisational learning. The presentation overview is outlined below:

Enterprise social technologies are disrupting the way organisations communicate, engage with their employers, their customers, and their business partners. While the learning landscape has changed in ways never before imagined. Access to information, use of mobile devices – from smartphones to tablets, connections with others across departments and geographies fundamentally shift our ways of working, keeping up-to-date, and sharing knowledge. And there’s no going back

At no time in modern history of the workplaces have training departments been so challenged to demonstrate their relevance and contributions to the organisation. By integrating social technologies into their learning strategies, organisations can generate powerful networks where current practices are challenged by reframing traditional delivery modes to participatory environments where learning is based on interactions that empower the individual, while enabling the collective intelligence of the group.

What is the future role of L & D and indeed HR professionals in this new future workplace? The Connected Educator model identifies initiatives and opportunities to engage, contribute and enhance organisational performance.

Anne will be exploring how learning can become discretely embedded into everyday workplace activities, rather than a dislocated action that occurs away from the daily realities of the business, case studies from connected companies will be used to illustrate examples.

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