Marketing and communicating with today’s youth

“Turning Smartphone Apps into a Marketing Tool”

Pre-forum workshop: Thu 18th April, 2013

Citigate Central Hotel, Sydney

Join Anne & James at the Ark Group pre-forum workshop where we’ll address these key issues:

  • understanding the social dynamics enabled by the mobile environment
  • what do we mean by a “mobile business” and its impact on business practices
  • internal and external cases for mobile apps in companies

We are reaching a point in time when it is unthinkable for most organisations to not have a mobile strategy in their marketing mix.
Creating apps is about understanding how your customers want to interact with you – if you want to ensure your app is a success then this is the workshop for you!

PS. We won’t be teaching you how to build an app – we’ll be using user experience design approach that will allow you to create a blueprint.