What’s new in Socialcast’s 2013 update

VMware’s enterprise social networking and collaboration platform, Socialcast, was updated this month with a brand new user interface and features:

New features include:

  • Integrated project management – they have incorporated ideas and functionality developed through their beta task management tool, Strides, into Socialcast. You can now track deliverables, action items, and timelines in Socialcast.
  • Real-time messaging – they have enhanced Private Messages and created a companion iOS app, Socialcast Messenger.

Why consider choosing Socialcast over other solutions, such as Yammer?

User Experience

Although both products have many similarities, the Socialcast user experience is different from Yammer. For example, Socialcast manages external users (people with a different email address) differently from Yammer, which may better meet the needs of certain enterprise use cases.

Deployment Options

Socialcast continue to offer three deployment options:

  • Multi-tenant software-as-a-service (free for up to 50 users);
  • Private cloud; and
  • On-premise.

Please contact us if you would like to walk through the new features in more detail or learn about how our clients are using Socialcast.