Making collaboration more purposeful with the latest Jive cloud release

Jive has announced a range of new features in their cloud-hosted option, with many more innovative features slated to rollout over the coming weeks and months.

Jive - Structured Outcome Discussion

In this release, the focus is on making collaboration more purposeful:

  • Purposeful Places – This allows a space, group, or project to be created with a preconfigured set of “tiles” designed for a specific collaborative activity, such as Sales or IT. These tiles can dynamically pull data either from around your Jive installation or from a third-party service, or they may be configured with information you’ve hand-selected.
  • Structured Conversations – Comments and replies can now be marked as Decision, Helpful, or Needs Action, while the top level of a discussion, blog post, or document can be marked as Final or Needs Action.

Other new features include impact metrics (accessible to everyone – did people like or dislike, engage or ignore your content?) and integration with Box.

Please contact us if you would like to walk through the new features in more detail or learn about how our clients are using Jive.