Enhancing Social Workflow with Blueprints in Atlassian Confluence

The release of Atlassian Confluence 5.1 introduced a brand new feature, called ‘Blueprints‘, which are a set of special templates that can be used to enhance social workflows.

Out of the box Blueprints address classic wiki use cases, such as writing meeting notes, but also bring additional functionality for task management (through simple @ mentions on the page) and automated content categorisation to make it easier to find information. There is also a growing list of Blueprints available in the Atlassian Marketplace or you can create your own.

The following video provides a great overview of how Blueprints can be used across the entire organisation:

If you haven’t ever considered using Confluence or are still using an old version, talk to us about applying our user-centred approach to designing a better business collaboration solution with Confluence.