Yellow Pages Social Media Landscape Review: Businesses still missing the mark

Just 51% of large and 28% of medium sized Australian businesses formally measure the return of their social media investment. But many of those companies are simply measuring the number of likes, followers and subscribers, according to the latest social media survey by the Yellow Pages (PDF). Measuring in this way only looks at a top level viewpoint and fails to demonstrate engagement and return.

The Yellow Pages survey also shows that while more Australians are using social media to inform their purchasing decisions, businesses are not effectively engaging with these channels. Clearly there is a mismatch between what those businesses think is happening online and what their customers expect.

This raises important questions for brands such as:

  • What is being said about your brand, products or services online?
  • What are your customers talking about online?
  • Which are the social media channels you should invest in?
  • How does your business compare with your key competitors or industry peers?
  • Where are the gaps in the marketplace?

Social analytics platforms are available to help guide how your business should engage online, however getting the most out of these tools can be difficult:

  • It can be time consuming filtering out irrelevant data.
  • The tools require a steep learning curve.
  • Template or standardised reports may not provide the information you need.
  • You may not be sure what to measure or track.

The Ripple Effect Group can help you to benchmark and understand the level of social media engagement for your business against key competitors or industry peers. We can also help design and implement your social media strategy, including governance and technology services.

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