Slides from Applying User Centred Design to SharePoint

Unfortunately, due to problems with flights today, I was unable to make it to Melbourne in time to present my short workshop at ShareThePoint Melbourne 2013, where I was going to cover:

  • What is User Centred Design (UCD)?
  • Why you should apply it to SharePoint.
  • A hands-on demonstration of how to understand user and business priorities with Personas and Page Description Diagrams (PDDs).

These are the slides from my workshop:

Some further reading to support these slides:

I am obviously very disappointed that I could not present this in person, but if you are interested in participating in an event – either in Sydney, Melbourne or even via Webinar – please let me know. I’ve previously had a lot of fun talking about personas (such as at World Usability Day) and running persona creation activities at other events.