Finding Masie – crowdsourcing lost dogs

Masie is missing …
Who’s Masie? And who cares?
Masie belongs to Michael, she’s a 3yr old black & tan Kelpie. That’s right, Masie is a dog and she went missing at Sydney Domestic Airport over 2 weeks ago when she was being dropped off for a flight.
So, lots of dogs go missing, why is Masie different?

Masie is special, Masie has a passionate group of followers on Facebook – nearly 3,000 of them – and Masie has Michael, her owner, who has touched the hearts of fellow dog owners in his determination to find her, no matter what!

The search for Masie is a wonderful example how 1 person’s request for help can be turned into a crowd-sourced community or “Masie’s Army” as they’re now calling themselves. They’re not just liking the Facebook page, they’re actively putting up posters, doing letterbox drops and self-organising search parties the minute there’s a possible sighting.

Masie’s Army is relentless and have now recognised the need to extend beyond the realms of social media by contacting local area vets, dog rescue services, local pounds, pet suppliers and just about every dog related service you can think of. While acknowledging the need to include traditional methods, they’re targeting mainstream media, local area businesses, and schools  – all in recognition of the need to extend the reach of their messages – for the shared purpose: Find Masie.

This phenomenon is described by Clay Shirky in “Here Comes Everybody” where social tools are removing obstacles that previously limited self-organising groups.
Shirky believes the online group relies upon the successful fusion of a, ‘plausible promise, an effective tool, and an acceptable bargain for the user’. In this instance, we have a passionate group of dog owners, who can emotionally relate to Michael’s situation, a platform like Facebook that empowers a collective membership with low barriers to participation (you can show your support for a cause simply by Liking a page or post). And, most importantly – the plausible promise – Find Masie!
If you give people a reason or purpose to participate and it resonates – they will do it. If you ask, they will do more and become co-contributors. What’s really making this all work is the spirit of the community, a well engineered blend of social tools, use of mainstream media and the physical call to action.. and of course, Masie & Michael’s story!!
But there’s still no sign of Masie…
Masie is out there somewhere … and this group is not giving up.
Join them or just take a look around – perhaps Masie is being cared for right next door to you!

** Update **  (Tue 20th August)
Today the Daily Telegraph has published Masie’s story.
Please share Masie’s story – the more coverage she gets, the sooner we get re-united with Michael!

** Breaking news ** 5pm Tue 20th August
After 21 days of searching – Masie has been found!! 
Thank-you to everyone who helped spread the word and a wonderful recognition to “Masie’s Army” and the power of crowdsourcing.