@The SIXAUS Change Festival: Gamestorming Social Innovation Projects

9 coffees, 2 teas, 36 index cards and 13 like minded people… #changefest

The Changemakers Festival is now well underway with many events running across Australia.  This morning, we ran a stimulating and fun taster workshop at The Third Village.  We introduced delegates to the concept of Gamestorming and applying this to social innovation technology projects.  Delegates were from a mixture of different professional backgrounds, each with a particular interest in social change.

James Dellow ran the workshop with aplomb, facilitated by Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Jess Erhart, Miranda Man, James Murphy and Nhung Nguyen.  We introduced the 3 – 12 – 3 Gamestorming technique to a particular problem raised by one of the delegates:

“How can we help young people to integrate with other members of society?”

From this mini workshop session, our delegates generated a number of ideas to create a technological solution to address this problem, including a storytelling app to enable the sharing of personal stories, a platform to learn how to make international dishes and a visual platform to invite users to compare what is ‘inside my school bag.’

We then invited the delegates to choose their favourite idea – this turned out to be the ‘inside my school bag’ idea.

For those of you who couldn’t join us, here is a selection of some of the photos taken at the session and also a video.

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If you enjoyed our taster workshop and would like to know more about applying Gamestorming techniques, please get in touch!