Simple task tracking in Atlassian Confluence OnDemand

Atlassian OnDemand

By design, Atlassian’s cloud-hosted Confluence OnDemand restricts certain features and plugins (although the new Atlassian Connect model does allow the development of API-based public and private plugins, which are deployed through the Atlassian Marketplace).

With some creative use of the available plugins, Confluence OnDemand “out of the box” may be more flexible than you might think. A common use case is to provide activity or task reporting, but many Confluence OnDemand users may be restricting themselves to using simple tables and watching for changes.

An overlooked set of macros that can enhance the utility of task tracking are the page properties and page properties report macros. This screen shot is an example of a simple, dynamic task tracking report:

Page Properties Demo

Using a combination of techniques, including other included macros and subscription add-ons, these reports can be enhanced in a number of ways including customising the layout of report table and task templates.

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