HotHouse: SPACE – 26th March, 2014

Digital City

On the 26th March, I’m participating in HotHouse, a new quarterly event series in Sydney, from Green Capital and the Powerhouse Museum. The theme of this first HotHouse event is to explore the spaces where we work – our wellbeing and happiness, the liveability of our offices, the social cohesion in our workplaces and how all of this ties into sustainability.

HotHouse will feature a superb mix of speakers, creative programming and an interactive workshop.

Read my guest post on the Green Capital/HotHouse blog to help promote the event:

The future of work does not need to be a dystopian digital panopitcon, although some people may attempt to create just that.

Instead what is becoming apparent is that we need to start thinking differently about how work and place relate. If we step outside the boundaries of our current workplaces and look at the urbanised environment around us it is possible to reimagine the future of work on a much wider palette of place. This palette is the city itself.

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Image credit: Green Capital.