Being John Malkovich: What is the future of research with wearable technology?


The future of research with wearables

Now in its 18th year, Sydney Design is a cutting-edge festival produced by the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences and presented at the Powerhouse Museum in conjunction with 50 plus cultural institutions and creatives across greater Sydney.

As part of the festival, we are running a participatory design workshop on the future of research using wearable technology:

Explore the way wearable technology is opening up new paths for collecting data but is also impacting the role of the researcher.

Imagine being completely immersed in the world of your research subject. Listening to what they hear, watching what they see and looking at the people they’re interacting with. The dream of every researcher – being inside the mind of your subject and seeing through their eyes – is closer than ever.

Through a pair of Google Glass, or a Narrative Clip camera clipped on their shirt, or a GoPro mounted on their bike helmet, we can explore and collect an infinite amount of qualitative data from our target audience and the people we design for.

Wearable technologies have a profound impact on the way we conduct ethnographic research. But how will it disrupt our research workflow? What are the effects on the researcher and their subject? How do we distill the data and gain valuable insights?

Event details:

  • VENUE: Tap Gallery
  • ADDRESS: 45 Burton Street, Darlinghurst NSW
  • DATE: 21 Aug, Thu 6-7:30pm
  • TICKETS: $20

Please register on our Eventbrite page.