7 events you must attend at Sydney Design 2014

2014 sees Sydney Design return for its 18th year making it one of the world’s longest running design festivals. This year’s theme is: Designing the future, exploring the changes in the way we design, produce and consume.

So how does Sydney Design see ‘Design futures’? From a quick glance at a week packed with events, workshops, talks and exhibitions (16 – 24 August 2014), we’ve picked our favourites out of the three emerging themes: 3D Printing, Sensing Technologies, Wearables and the Internet of Things, and Design Thinking in Sustainability.

3D Printing

3D Printing technology has been one of the most talked about topics in the design and maker culture world lately. It is not surprising that there are more than fifteen events you could attend at Sydney Design 2014 that celebrate 3D printing: from 3D printed chocolate jewellery to discussion on the impact this technology has on design, arts and education.

Our picks:

Sensing Technologies, Wearables & the Internet of Things

The rise of wearable technologies such as FitBit, Jawbone and, to a lesser extent, Google Glass have given more momentum to other ideas such as sensing technologies (Nest, iBeacon etc), the Internet of Things and Augmented Reality in the design world. Designers, hackers and thinkers are starting to to expand the use of such technologies in not just fitness, healthcare, and commercial, but in other aspects of life: commuting, exhibition and data collection.


On this theme, we are hosting Being John Malkovich: what is the future of research with wearable technology: Explore the way wearable technology is opening up new paths for collecting data but is also impacting the role of the researcher with the Ripple Effect Group team through an interactive and participatory design workshop.

Our other picks:

Design Thinking in Sustainability

Design is no longer pre-occupied with just interior objects or an interface, it encompasses every different aspects of our life, contributing to solving wicked social problems and building a sustainable future. Sydney Design this year showcases a series of discussions and workshops around the this theme, some even go as far as exploring ideas for designing a future without waste.

Our picks:

  • Design as a strategy for growth: Join a panel hosted by Object Design Centre and moderated by TEDxSydney and Vivid Ideas curator Jess Scully, to discuss themes such as the role of design in business transformation; how leaders can embrace design thinking to accelerate innovation; and how design itself is evolving, to create not just products but value.

These are our picks. What are your favourite themes or ideas from the design future?