Beyond Vanity Metrics - Community Manager Appreciation Day Panel

Community Manager Appreciation Day in 2015 was again marked with 24 hours of panels on a variety of community management topics, hosted on Google Hangouts. For this year’s CMAD I hosted a panel on metrics and analytics, and how we use social and community data to demonstrate business outcomes.

We’re all familiar with the vanity metrics we’re often asked for – how many people are registered for our community? How many likes were there this month? Are people posting enough? The problem with these simple measures is that they don’t tell us very much. How do we know we’re delivering real business outcomes from our social and collaboration efforts?

Watch as our panel – made up of a mix of community managers and social analytics professionals across both the internal (enterprise social networks) and external (public-facing social networks) fields of community management – share their insights into the metrics and measures important to their organisations.