Meaningful Status Updates – WOL Week Activity 3

Sculpture of a seated person with head under a plastic tarpaulin using a smartphone

Source: Anne Bartlett-Bragg

Yesterday our working out loud with intent activity focused on curating content to add value to your network. Today, we look at sharing status updates and how we do so purposefully and in a meaningful way by recognising the insights you have gained from participating in WOL Week within your network.

The task:

Share a status update with your network.

But wait, there’s more! This status update should not be about what you’re doing (or about to do), but rather it should focus on new ideas or insights. Think about it as adding value to your network by sharing what you’ve gained from your network participation.

Share Your Insights, Not Your Calendar

We often see people post status updates that read like a calendar listing: “Meetings with X and then Y today before hitting the office!” Similarly, we see status updates that share the day’s tasks: “Powering through a presentation before writing up my report!”  Most of us have shared a status update like this, and whilst it’s not wrong, when it comes to adding value, sharing this information serves little purpose.

When we take the time to consider what we have learned, discovered or developed – be it a new idea, concept or insight – and then share this back to our networks, we add value and purpose. We demonstrate to others that their participation has provided value to us that we have built upon.

The nature of this activity contains an element of serendipity. Some days you’ll be amazed by the richness and variety of content that becomes visible through your network connections. Other days you’ll be impressed by the insights people have developed from what you have shared. Think of your network as an ecosystem, facilitated by WOL actions. What you contribute and acknowledge improves the strength of the connections in the ecosystem.

Make this type of sharing a regular part of your working out loud repertoire. Rather than following a posting schedule that says Thursday is “share my insights day” – post your updates in the moment, while you’re still aware of the value you’ve gained.

Today we’ve focused on sharing status updates in a meaningful way, that adds value to your network. Join us tomorrow for our final working out loud with intent activity for WOL Week. In the meantime, you can join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #WOLweek.