Working Out Loud: Small Pieces Loosely Joined

Source: Ripple Effect Group (formerly Headshift)

Source: Ripple Effect Group (formerly Headshift)

This International Working Out Loud Week we focused on working out loud (WOL) with intent. We’ve discussed the whats and whys of WOL with intent, considered expertise location in the context of identity and online networks, explored content curation as a mechanism for sharing our expertise, and examined status updates that share with meaning and purpose. Today, we have our final activity in which we take the time to reflect upon our week.

The task:

Share your key learning insights from WOL Week.

Unlike our previous activities, this one requires some commitment – a clear head and a little time (15 – 30 minutes).

Reflections on activity – connecting the dots

The practise of reflecting on our work and experiences is a rare commodity these days. So, block out some time in your calendar, grab a coffee (or a glass of wine!), sit back and ponder by reviewing your activities and those of your network this week.

Gather the topics, your insights and other points of view – but with intention! Some people like to mind map or sketchnote this process – whatever works best for you. What you are looking for through this process are connections and relationships.

Look for connections to your existing knowledge of a topic, extensions or a divergence that leads to a connection with related topics. Question your existing view, challenge your assumptions, and be prepared to shift or alter your perspective or look for something that will lead you to act differently.

Now – can you anticipate future topics to further extend or augment your current view? Can you make this explicit, through writing?

The process of writing your reflections is a well-researched and proven method for consolidating knowledge development. The process of publicly publishing your reflections creates the opportunity to establish shared meanings within your network.

Remember: Your reflective piece is NOT a summary of events (what I did this week) or a reading list – it is an intentional process that makes your knowledge development clearly understandable to others, and leads to further opportunities to connect and continue conversations.

We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring working out loud with us during WOL Week. We look forward to more great discussions with you on twitter using the hashtag #WOLweek – or use #wol, following the conclusion of WOL Week.