Working out Loud – Building digital capability

AITD WOL Feb2016 coverWorking out Loud has been a valuable framework we’ve deployed when working with organisations who are adopting internal collaboration platforms or enterprise social networks (ESNs). In November last year (2015) we participated in Working Out Loud week with the aim to provide online community managers with some practical introductory activities to introduce new users to ESNs. Based on our experiences, we have now published these activities and produced a background article to reveal our processes when designing activities for new communities or refreshing current online collaboration.

Both of these articles have been published in the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s (AITD) Training & Development Magazine, February 2016 edition and are available on SlideShare (linked below).
We hope you find them useful and provide some pragmatic tips into the art of online social network activities.

Introduction and background – Working out Loud: A step towards building your digital capability by Anne Bartlett-Bragg

Introductory activities – Working out Loud with intent: Getting Started by Jakkii Musgrave.