Digital Capabilities @ Disrupt Sydney

Only 1 week until the 4th Disrupt Sydney conference hosted by University of Sydney Business School.

The Ripple Effect Group team are presenting an interactive workshop informed on their research into digital capabilities within organisations.

Here’s the workshop overview:

Digital capabilities exist at the intersection of people and technology. These evolving capabilities are not about the technology, they go beyond skills sets to be mapped against competency frameworks. They have become a new way of working and learning that evolve as the organisation transforms its foundational elements of being in business – how people interact inside the company, how work is organised, how information is shared, how customers engage with the company.

Digital capabilities are both personal and collective, they belong to you and your organisation. How will you build your organisational digital capabilities?

Our workshop will examine current research and practices and reveal a framework that can become a foundational element to establish your organisation’s DQ (digital quotient).

There’s still time to register for the event – we have a special rate available to friends of Ripple Effect! We can offer you the early bird rate – $199 – instead of full price $379! Don’t miss out email me  to take advantage of the special!