Health Check

Everyone can benefit from an outside, objective perspective from time to time; a little guidance to ensure that everything is still on track. When it comes to improving the business outcomes from your enterprise social networking (ESN) or social intranet, we can help.

Much like taking your car in for a service, running a periodic health check on your enterprise collaboration and social tools helps keep you on the road. More importantly, it helps keep you on the right road, ensuring you are making the most of your investment. Periodic check-ups let you assess what aspects of your enterprise social network are working well and those that might need adjusting to support your future direction.

As an independent team of consultants we can assess the health of your enterprise social network and give you advice and insights that can be used tailor your existing adoption, community management and governance strategies.

We work with all the leading enterprise social networking platforms, including Yammer.

Assessment Tool

To kick start the process, try our free assessment tool.

Unique to the Ripple Effect Group and based on our team’s hands on knowledge, our assessment tool provides a picture of the current state of your enterprise social network.

Please contact us for your free assessment.

Health Check Consulting Packages

If you are looking for a more comprehensive review of your enterprise social network, we can provide a detailed assessment based on our user-centred social experience design methodology.

Our health check consulting options range from an accelerated workshop-only package to advanced packages that use social network analysis (SNA) to provide in-depth measures of your organisation’s employee network.

Please contact us for more information about our consulting packages.

SWOOP Analytics

SWOOP analyses and reports on the relationships that are formed through the use of enterprise collaboration platforms such as Yammer, Jive, Chatter and IBM Connections.

SWOOP sample metrics

SWOOP provides insights about relationships such as WHO is connected to WHO. SWOOP’s main differentiator is the focus on connectivity rather than just activity. That means that you can get insights about how business units, locations and roles are connected through the use of collaboration tools.

Ripple Effect Group is a SWOOP partner. We worked closely with SWOOP during its development to design a user interface and set of metrics optimised around the needs of leaders, community managers and users.

Please contact us for more information about using SWOOP to drive action in you enterprise social network.