Atlassian Confluence, JIRA and HipChat

Atlassian - Authorized Partner

Ripple Effect Group (formally Headshift) is an Atlassian partner and their business collaboration tools, Confluence, Team Calendars, Questions, JIRA and HipChat, are part of our preferred set of enterprise social software technologies. By combining our long history of working with Confluence with our user-centred consulting approach, we can help companies maximise the effectiveness of this sophisticated enterprise wiki.


What is Confluence?

We offer consulting services for Confluence to assist with:

  • Requirements definition, using a user-centred design methodology.
  • Customisation, including theme development and plugin selection.
  • Employee engagement and community management.

For Confluence OnDemand (cloud) customers, we also offer business support subscriptions that give you access to our team to help with:

  • Advice on how to setup and make the best use of Confluence OnDemand.
  • Administration, customisation and assistance with content management.
  • User training.

Our Experience

Examples of our work include:


MentorNet, a Groundswell Awards finalist, was the first national mentoring program for women in business to be launched in Australia and we used Confluence to provide education and mentoring as an enriched social learning experience. Read the full case study.

Other examples include:

  • In response to a strategic goal to improve internal communication and collaboration, we worked with a community organisation to understand their requirements for a people-centric intranet that could be developed with Confluence.
  • We developed and assisted with the implementation of a Confluence-based extranet for a health services provider, designed to meet the social networking, collaboration and information management needs of its geographically dispersed staff and external stakeholders.
  • We worked with a tourism and retail organisation to relaunch its Confluence-based intranet, creating the right information structures, templates and selecting plugins to help them meet operational and employee engagement objectives.
  • Provided advice to a professional services organisation that wanted to create a knowledge management system with Confluence, along side a document management system.

See some of our recorded presentations about Confluence:

Designing for Adoption with Confluence

This webinar helps explain the benefits of customising Confluence and applying a user centred approach that overcomes the typical barriers of wiki adoption.

Kick-Ass Collaboration Everywhere with Confluence

We all know that Confluence is a world-class enterprise wiki, right? So it may be hard to believe but for non-technical users the power of the Confluence platform isn’t always immediately obvious. This means Confluence can be wildly successful with the IT users in your organization but never reaches further than those technical folks who “just get it”. James will share tips and techniques to help create kick-ass collaboration EVERYWHERE in your organization with Confluence.

Purposeful Collaboration in the Cloud With Confluence OnDemand

Confluence OnDemand provides a ready-made collaboration platform that can connect up to 2,000 users. In this session you’ll learn how to customize Confluence OnDemand to meet your business needs through clever use of core Confluence features (templates, macros, permissions, and space architecture) and understand the customization possibilities of Atlassian Connect.

Please contact us to discuss your Atlassian consulting requirements.