Upcoming event hosted by AITD (Australian Institute of Training and Development).

Tue 16th September 2014 6 – 8pm
Where: Karstens – 111 Harrington Street, Sydney

Mobile learning has the potential to disrupt our traditional methods of training delivery. Our smartphones are constantly connected, the interactions we use such as swiping and tapping enable these devices to behave very differently to desktop or laptop computers. Yet our designs for learning remain focused on desktop interactions that just won’t suit  mobiles.

We’ve been researching the use of mobile in organisations, including mobile learning, for a number of years now. In 2012 we conducted research into the State of Mobile Learning in Australia (see the results Part 1 and Part 2).
What has changed since that study?
A lot!
We now have newer, faster, more responsive devices – including a range of tablets, from iPads to Galaxy, to Surface. These devices and what we can do with them create enormous opportunities. However, they also can generate a number of complexities!

Discover how our use of the smartphones is fundamentally altering our perspectives of consuming content and engaging with friends and colleagues. How can you harness this ever changing resource to your best advantage ? What common traps and pitfalls should you avoid ? Which factors make the difference between an award winning program and costly white elephant?

Topics to be covered:

  • Designing for devices (understanding touch and gestures)
  • Do I build an app or use responsive browsers
  • Tapping into existing enterprise social networks
  • What works on mobiles
  • What doesn’t work on mobiles

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