While we were asleep downunder,  the Twitterverse was going wild with the announcement  of the Dachis Group’s acquisition of Headshift – followed by a series of blog post commentaries.
Rather than re-post what Social Business Design is all about, I thought I’d share some of the conversations that have been occuring and then situate these comments into our local context.

Here’s a selection of blog posts that attracted my attention – in no particular order – and apologies to those I haven’t represented – happy for you to add a link to your post in the comments area of this post:
From Neville Hobson: Is Social Business the new Black
From Luis Suarez: Executing Enterprise 2.0: Dachis Group acquires Headshift
From Tim Bull: E2.0 may be hype, but Dachis is joining the gold rush
From Larry Hawes: Social Business leaps forward with Dachis Group acquisition of Headshift
From Gil Yehuda: Dachis + Headshift = ?

And posts from the Headshift/Dachis team that will explain more about what we’re all doing:
From Lee Bryant: Power Up! Level Completed!
From Jevon MacDonald: We are growing! 
From David Armano: Dachis Group expands internationally with Headshift
From Peter Kim: Welcome Headshift! 
From Kate Neider: Dachis Group Ecosystem Expansion

Nearly 18 months ago I convinced Lee & Livio that a presence in the Australian / S.E. Asian region was a significant opportunity worth exploring…and reflecting upon our journey, I believe we’ve brought a level expertise informed by experience and best practice from Headshift UK to the region.
We’ve been actively sharing and building best practice in areas such as the development of Government 2.0, where Lee and James’ contribution – ReBooting Australia –  to the Centre for Policy Development is part of a submission to the Government 2.0 Taskforce.

Our growing cutsomer base extends across FMCG social media monitoring, innovative social learning networks, internal communication implementations and intranet re-developments. While a number of these social software projects enable the sort of collaboration we understand to be “Enterprise 2.0”, this announcement signals a very important leap forward – not only in our powerful ability to execute these projects on a global basis, but that we are moving the conversation from being centred around technology as the solution to being about a fundamental change in business process as we enter the next phase of enterprise social business practices.
The HOZ (Headshift Australasia) team, as a member of the Dachis Group, are exhilarated by the broadening of opportunities and extension to our existing capabilites. We’re currently scheduling some conversational events, if you’d like to know more contact Anne or James

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