My presentation from Intranets2011 is now available on slideshare:

Intranets may not be naturally social, but the people who use them and organisations where they exist certainly are. How do we go about using social solutions to strategically transform how people are able to work together and at the same time overcome the failures of traditional intranets, knowledge management tools and other information systems?


  • An exploration of the key aspects of a social workplace.
  • A critique of strategies: top-down versus bottom-up, pilots versus “big bang”, centralised versus decentralised.
  • An introduction to the role of design thinking as part of your strategy.

Michael Sampson also captured some notes and you can read more about the visual thinking brainstorming techniques I used on my personal blog.

My colleague Dion Hinchcliffe also has some great related posts that are worth reading:

A few people also asked me about the images I used – in particular, Dave Gray’s Connected Company sketches are available to download from flickr. If you are interested in this theme and the historical view of management and organisations, you might also enjoy Lee Bryant’s 2009 LIFT presentation, The Twentieth Century Was Wrong (also see the video).

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