I’ve just spent the last few days at the Intranest2011 conference in Sydney and its interesting to compare the results of Dachis Group’s 2.0 Adoption Council salary survey released overnight (announced here) with those of Jane McConnell’s research [PDF], which was discussed in her presentation. McConnell’s data is dominated by people representing the corporate communications function (~48%) and paints a very different picture. This appeared to be reflected even more so in the demographics of people in the room at the conference itself and I’ve heard of similar reports from intranet-themed conferences around the world.

The Council’s survey on the other hand has a larger proportion of people in IT functions, but also shows great departmental variety – stand out functions include Learning, Innovation, Strategy, R&D.

I note that McConnell concludes:

Lack of senior management ownership of the intranet has long been an obstacle that holds intranets back from achieving their full potential.

This fact is clearly evident in the 2.0 Adoption Council membership, where these initiatives are being led senior staff. Membership of the Council of course is restricted to people who represent large organisations and who are actively involved with 2.0 adoption – so through self-selection these members are representative of the leading edge. We observe that:

Discussions at the CEO and Board level regularly involve 2.0 Adoption Council members. On average, they are managing million- dollar annual budgets on the roadmap toward introducing social business to their organizations. This is what’s happening on the ground among people who have self- identified that this is their job.

My advice if you don’t consider yourself to be part of that pack is to use this information to think about who you need to be influencing in your organisation to get support for your own adoption plans.

Or as we heard at the conference over the last few days, intranet managers should otherwise be prepared to be made irrelevant (BTW these are the words of others and not me). Forward thinkers in your organisation are no longer dependent on either restrictive IT or command and control orientated corporate communications departments to take ownership of the transformation into a Social Business.

BTW Also have a look at the story behind the creation of this infographic, over on the XPLANE blog.

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