“The days of will social media work for us? How do we use it? and Who will do this for us? have gone. Today, any organisation that is client-centric, innovative and competitive considers social media as a part of core business strategy. Social media has become a business necessity. It is being used to communicate, to generate business, to recruit, and to network; it’s now ingrained in organisations as a fundamental part of all strategic initiatives. But how can you tell if it is really working?”

Commissioned by Ark Group, this new report provides organisations at all stages of social media use with the tools needed to measure success in real business terms. From assessing effective use of manpower/time, and benchmarking campaigns, to using key performance metrics for each social media platform this report will help you deliver the benefits you set out to achieve.

This report is packed with practical tips, real-world insights and case studies, this report is essential reading for any organisation wanting to ensure they deliver the benefits their social media initiatives set out to achieve.

Anne Bartlett-Bragg, Managing Director, Headshift Asia Pacific, contributed two chapters to this report:

  • Chapter 5: Aligning dashboards with social media objectives.
  • Chapter 6: Reporting outputs from dashboards – From clicks to insight.

The Executive Summary and Table and Contents is available to preview on SlideShare.

This report can be pre-ordered from Ark Group, using this form [PDF].

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