I noticed that Christoph Schmaltz’s three-part post about Second-wave Enterprise 2.0 adopters over on the original Headshift blog has been getting some attention today:

“I decided to break this blog post down into three parts, as it hadbecome way too long during all those endless nights of writing. Thegeneral theme is that in the near future we will see more companiesstarting Enterprise 2.0 projects to increase productivity, reduce cost,improve client relations. While we have seen some early successstories, companies will need to think hard about ways to attractsecond-wave adopters.”

The post is divided as follows:

1) Overview of barriers to introducing Enterprise 2.0 and user adoption
2) Scrutinizing barriers to user adoption
3) Thoughts on how to attract second-wave adopters

Most Australian companies and organisations (and those in the region, such as New Zealand, Singapore, etc) looking to take advantage of social computing are going to be part of this second-wave. So, what kind of issues are you concerned about? Are you being driven by the current economic climate or longer term goals? Let us know what you think.

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