At the Social Business Summit in Sydney on 2nd March, we were excited to announce the Dachis Group’s plan to launch a regional initiative of The 2.0 Adoption Council. We invited summit guests to register their interest in joining The 2.0 Adoption Council and would now like to extend that invitation more broadly.

What is The 2.0 Adoption Council?

The 2.0 Adoption Council is a member-driven peer forum of business and IT leaders from large organisations intent on sharing concrete experiences, examining business implications, learning from peers and creating and capturing value from the emergent, unstructured data associated with Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0.

The objective is to gain practical insights on innovative business practices using 2.0 tools, processes and strategies for cost efficiencies in tough economic times, as well as leveraging agility for competitive advantage.  Basic membership is free to charter members.

The Council conducts research culled from the collective intelligence of contributing members, but the mission of the Council is to be a resource for ideas and inspiration for Council members.  We also serve to recognize individuals and companies that are succeeding with 2.0 adoption initiatives.  The Council provides a variety of benefits to members including real-time market intelligence, industry research, access to resources in the Enterprise 2.0 community, as well as opportunities for industry recognition via programs such as our Webinar series, workshops, and our awards programs.

Why are we launching a regional Council?

Feedback from existing and prospective members who are based in the Asia Pacific showed strong support for the idea of creating a regional Council for this region. This regional Council is intended to allow greater networking and knowledge sharing between members who are based in the Asia Pacific region or represent major Asia Pacific-based companies.

A regional Council will allow us to schedule Webinars, workshops and other activities at times and in locations that will better suit members in our region. It will also allow us to tailor our research to the particular needs of organisations in this part of the world.

Our membership criteria will also reflect this regional difference, although we will continue to focus on the needs and experiences of large organisations.


We welcome representatives from qualifying companies to join us.

Please register you interest and receive news about the launch by contacting The 2.0 Adoption Council c/o James Dellow or Anne Bartlett-Bragg:


Telephone: +61 2 8218 2128

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