Back to the basics: Customer service with social media

6 years ago

While sifting through some old papers the other day looking for candidates for the recycle bin, I came across some materials I created for an email customer service workshop back in 2004.…

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7 years ago

Friday Faves: What We’re Reading This Week

In Friday Faves for 7 April 2017, we have reads on dogs to follow on social media, what we can learn about AI from animals, existentialism at work, Twitter and Mastodon, Netflix, and decoding emotion online.

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10 years ago

Do you want to reduce your dependence on email in the workplace?

Forget the hype – shifting from email to enterprise social software can reduce email overload.

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Rage against the machine

14 years ago

There is no doubt, we have a love-hate relationship with email. As much as we say we would like to ditch this modern millstone, there is plenty of evidence to show that…

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